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Youth Cafe

As a student, you know how hard it is to gain employment these days. Though you work hard at school, everywhere you go you find that most jobs require experience. But how can you do that when you need a job to get experience? Well guess what, you already have the necessary skills and experience, it’s just a matter of selling it and convince people to hire you. But how?

The Design Tinkering Club (formerly known as the OpenIDEO Student Chapter)  and the Wasserman Center presents the Youth Cafe, the first event in a new, exciting series that brings together students and professionals in a workshop environment. Listen to the experiences of cool people, as they tell their story of transitioning from education to employment, and grab the tips and tricks they teach you. It is a meet-up where young people in similar situations can get together and work on projects or share stories. It is held in a workshop format, to encourage participants to work towards a common goal and build something to perhaps show off in their portfolios.

So join us for our first Youth Cafe on Friday, February 22nd, from 4-6 pm at the Greenhouse in Roger’s Hall basement. Grab a slice of pizza and meet Melissa Lloyd, Director of Special Institutional Projects at NYU-Poly, as she talks about her different experiences and how to sell your skills from across industry and geographical boundaries. See you there!

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